This Week's Recipe: The Ultimate Work Day Sandwich (antipasto stuffed bread)

Why Antipasto stuffed bread?

Having recently started working in an office – I have up until this time worked either for myself in the pleasure of my own home, or in numerous restaurant kitchens – I now understand the dilemma of what I like to call a work day lunch.

In the past friends have come to me for help in what they should pack for lunch. I have always thrown ideas at them but have at the same time thought how hard is it to pack an interesting and healthy make ahead lunch?

I take it all back!

Although I still cook 2-3 times a week at home or on location as part of my job, I am however, in the office the other days. Sitting in an office is nothing like working in a kitchen. While you work hard behind a computer all day, your brain somehow realises it is not being as stimulated as it can be and instead goes to the one thought it knows best – what to eat.

Suddenly you are wrought with hunger and start craving a tasty and exciting lunch. Here comes the solution.

This lunch is easy to prepare the night before and lasts (depending on how many it is feeding) the week.

It is simple.

Hollowed out crusty sourdough bread, that you then fill with layers of your favourite grilled or marinated vegetables, pesto or tapenade and cheese. Put the bread 'lid' back on and weigh it down in the refrigerator overnight. The next day cut a slice ready for lunch.

You can mix and match flavours as you please and even grill your own vegetables. I also like to buy olive studded sour dough bread and freeze the excess bread ready for my version of pasta con la mollica ( a pasta made with a sauce of fried bread crumbs, anchovies and olive oil) or panzanella salad.

1x 20cm round sour dough bread
½ cup good quality sun dried tomatoes, drained of oil
1-2 cups good quality charr grilled or marinated vegetables such as eggplant, sweet potato, artichoke hearts and zucchini
½ cup good quality pesto or ¼ black olive tapenade
125g bocciei or provolone
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Cut the top off the loaf of bread, hollowing out the inside (reserving for later use) and keeping the top.
Spread pesto or tapenade over the base of the bread. Layer the vegetables and cheese until full seasoning as you go.
Drizzle with olive oil and replace with the bread lid.

Wrap tightly in cling film and store in the refrigerator with a chopping board on top. Place a few jam jars or tins on top to weigh it down over night.

To serve slice a wedge and enjoy.

Serves 4-5 lunches.

Bon Appetite.


Telf said...

Lets see pasta con la mollica soon please!

Telf said...

So how is that pasta con la mollica

coming? ;-)

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Like 1x 20cm round sour dough bread, ½ cup good quality sun dried tomatoes, drained of oil are really healthy.

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