Chocolate Covered Pretzels

This might sound like a strange combination of flavours – however it is not as weird as you may think and better yet tastes great.

A little foodie science:
There are five basic tastes - bitterness, saltiness, sweetness, sourness and my favourite umami (savouriness).

This last one is what really counts. Although referred to as savouriness, I like to refer to it as umami because I don't think an english word gives any justice. When we eat different we pick up flavours on different parts of our tongue. Think about something sour, like a lemon, and both sides towards the back of your tongue may tingle or even salivate. This is the receptor on your tongue that pick up sourness instantly working.

Unlike the other four, umami is a taste that we experience all at once. It can be a combination of sweet, sour and saltiness or bitter, salt and sourness that is tasted as one experience. Commonly attributed with msg (monsodium glutamate) a man-made flavour enhancer, umami is a taste experience that can be made naturally by anyone.

What I love about these chocolate coated pretzels is that they excite my taste buds. The dark chocolate hits your taste buds first and it is a comfort, however before you can relish in the sweetness you are hit with a little salt crystal creating different taste sensations all together- the result excitement and taste stimulation in your mouth – umami.

Good quality dark chocolate

I have not given amounts in the ingredients list because it is really up to you to choose how many you want to make.

I usually melt 50 g chocolate and start dipping until there is no chocolate left (this makes 20 or so).

Melt chocolate and allow to cool slightly (by letting the chocolate cool a little, the salt crystals will not melt when they are dipped).

Line a baking tray with baking paper. Dip one end of your pretzel in the chocolate and tap any excess off. Lay the pretzels on the paper and allow to set.

Bon Appetite


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