Make your own...Chocolate truffles

It is proven that chocolate can cheer you up and this recipe for chocolate and peanut brittle truffles is the sure way to make you and friends feel that little bit better.

Even better, the effort it takes to make them cancels out any guilt you might feel when you eat them. The result: pure happiness all around.

165g caster sugar
1/4 cup water
50g shelled salted peanuts
125ml cream
20g butter
300g dark chocolate (not cooking chocolate), grated or chopped finely
Cocoa powder for rolling the truffles in


To prepare the peanut brittle, combine the sugar and water in a saucepan and stir over low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Increase heat and boil, without stirring, until mixture is a caramel colour. Remove from the heat and, when bubbles subside, carefully stir in the nuts. Pour onto a greased baking tray, cool, break into pieces and grind finely in a food processor.

For the chocolate, in a large saucepan add the cream and butter. Bring to the boil and toss in all the chocolate, take off the heat and stir until melted. If the chocolate doesn’t all melt return the saucepan to a low heat for a few minutes.

Allow the chocolate to cool for 10 minutes before stirring through the peanut praline. Allow the chocolate to cool further and set at room temperature.

When it is firm remove about 1 teaspoon of mixture and roll between your hands. (I use a melon baler that I have warmed in hot water).

Repeat until you have worked your way through the whole mixture, making sure to clean your hands as you go.

Roll each truffle in cocoa and serve at room temperature. If the weather happens to be hot keep your truffle in the refrigerator.

Makes 40 depending on the size.




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