Make Your Own… Lime and Chilli Oysters

With summer in full swing all you is the perfect accessory – delicious oysters with a fragrant lime and chilli dressing.

This dressing is so easy to make and is perfect with oysters especially on hot sizzling days and balmy nights. The tartness of the dressing is fantastic with the creaminess of the oysters – especially on hot sizzling days and balmy summer nights.

2 dozen oysters
4 limes, squeezed (should make 150ml)
130g caster sugar
2 birds eye chillies, sliced in half
2cm piece ginger, sliced in half
1 red capsicum


In a small saucepan place the limejuice, sugar, chillies and ginger. Bring to the boil over a medium heat.

Take off the heat and leave to cool completely before chilling in the refrigerator.

Using a peeler, peel 2-3 strips of skin off the capsicum and chop very finely (this will be used to look like chilli in the dressing, but without the intense heat).

Strain the lime chilli dressing and mix through the finely chopped capsicum skin.

To serve spoon over each oyster just before serving.

Makes 200ml.

This dressing will last in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks without the added capsicum.


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