Make your own... Croque Monsieur

Technically a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, a Croque Monsieur is a must to have in ones repertoire - morning, noon or night. Originally served in 1910 as a fast food snack on the Boulevard des Capucines, it still remains as popular today.

Although I am sure my recipe for this classic snack is not original, it is one that I will never change. Somehow the mixture of cream, Gruyere cheese and Dijon mustard once melted transforms into a cheesy, sharp yet creamy sauce.

Pull this recipe out for a carefree yet delicious brunch, a fantastic midnight snack, or as a last result when the dinner you were planning is burnt to a crisp and your dinner companions just arrived at the door. Somehow a Croque Monsieur solves every problem.

4 slices crunch white bread
4-8 slices good quality smoked ham
8 tablespoons Gruyere cheese, grated
4-6 tablespoons cream
2 tablespoons mustard

Mix the grated cheese, cream and mustard together to form a thick paste.

Toast one side of your slices of bread. Spread a thin layer of butter and one or two slices of ham on the untoasted side. Spread with the cheesy mixture and grill until golden and bubbly.

Serves 2 (as a snack)
To turn a Croque Monsieur into a Croque Madame simple add a fried egg on top!

Bon Appetite


Sam said...

It doesn't get much better than this, looks absolutely delicious!

Simon said...

That sounds decadently amazing. I'm going to match that with to a Bloody Mary soon. Drool.

rachel said...

I am in love now.....

ahmed said...

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