Omelete for brunch?

Eggs aren't just for breakfast. If I have some eggs at home I know I always have a meal. 

An omelete in particular is one of my favourite vehicles for carrying some great flavour combinations; and cooking them are easier than you think. 

The tricks are:
Make sure you whisk your eggs well - you need the egg white and yolk to become one without whisking too much air into the mix. I always use three eggs for an omelette for one.
I add 1 tablespoon single cream (or 2 tablespoons milk). 
I use a nonstick pan and a silicon spatula. Always make sure your pan is evenly heated over a medium heat. 
Lighlty grease the pan with a little butter and pour your eggs and start stirring. 
Turn your heat down to low. 
Continue to stir and tilt the frying pan letting the raw egg mixture pour over itself. This should take 2 minutes max!
When the egg has a soft set, I turn the heat off add my topping, season with salt and pepper and fold the omelete over itself (the residual heat from the pan will gently just cook the omelet).

Why not try these fillings...
Smashed avocado, ricotta, chilli and mint
Cooked brown rice, prawns, green onion, soy and ginger
Peas, goats cheese and chives
Salami, cheddar and parsley




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