Pickled Pears

I don’t need an excuse to enjoy creamy, runny, blue or sharp cheeses. Nor do I need any excuse to devour thinly shaved salty sweet prosciutto. These pickled pears however are a great excuse that I use to even fool myself.

These pears are great to make especially when new season Corella pears are about.

They are perfect with any cheese plate. They have a honey sweetness of ripe pears, with a little acidity.

The bay leaves, rosemary and sage add an earthy depth that is magic when enjoyed with a selection of cured smoky, spicy meats.

8 medium firm pears (I used a mixture of paradise and Corella pears)
2 cups white wine vinegar
½ cup caster sugar
2 fresh bay leaves
1 rosemary sprig
3 sage leaves


If desired peel the pears and depending on size halve or quarter. (I peeled the paradise pears and kept them whole and quartered the Corellas).

In a medium size saucepan combine the white wine vinegar, sugar and aromatics. Add the pears and top with enough water to just cover.

Cover the pears with a piece of baking paper (this will keep the pears submerged under the vinegar). Place over a medium heat and bring to a gentle simmer. Reduce the heat and continue to cook for 10-15 minutes until the pears are just tender.

Remove from the heat and pour into a sterilized jar and cool. Refrigerate and serve with your next platter of cheese or enjoy with a selection of prosciutto, sopressa and salami.

Keeps refrigerated covered in the pickling liquid for 3 weeks.


T-Elf said...

Sweet baby Jesus, want!

Christine said...


I can attest to how wonderful these are!

anilou said...

Yes, this is really my kind of food. Plus I have sage, rosemary and bay leaves in my garden right now. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.



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